A downloadable game for Windows

This was my first game ever. I was just toying with Unity and this came out.

Danger! This game is very hard to complete and is even harder to play for more than 5 minutes. The only way to complete this game is to not to take it seriously - just relax and enter the flow. Once it gets too tense - close the game and come back later... or never.

Controls: A to go left, D to go right, R to restart.

My wish is that someone would make speedrun of this game, because... come on, who wouldn't want that?

Just to clear some things up - this was not intended to be posted anywhere and were made by me just as a pretty fun way of learning Unity coding and stuff. This is not my only project, right now I'm working on a game called Harbingems, which will be a top-down bullet-hell shooter. Here's Twitter which will hopefully get some updates soon: https://twitter.com/harbingems

Install instructions

Download and unzip.


AlecsAdventure v0.2.rar 37 MB


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i beat it ?

There are two difficulty levels in this game - Easy and Default. Both have five levels, but after you complete Easy you automatically proceed to Default.

So you completed only Easy difficulty. To play Default just click second (bottom) button.

oh :P you should make it more clear then.  i just thought the game repeated it self

also english text please i had no idea what anything said :D

(1 edit)

There's no way I can make english text or even change something - I've lost this project after formatting drive. So this is what remains of the game. There could be more levels, more exploits and secret level completion ways (did you find any? :) ), but now I can't and this is the reason I posted this game here. I had a lot of fun making it as hard, but fair as I could. The only thing I could ask is someone playing it and this is what happened (28 downloads to date). Thank you a lot for playing this game.

EDIT: Options menu has "Enable Gravity" button, just to clarify some russian text.